2002 Selection

ITALY 2002 1h40

Feature Film

The Genoa Social Forum, made up of over 1,000 associations, non-governmental organizations, labor unions, mouvements, and parties from all over the world, demonstrated against the G8 summit held in Genoa from July 16 through 22, 2001.
Bella Ciao is a visual reconstruction of the fighting and violence which culminate with the death of a young demonstrandum, Carlo Giulani, on July 20, and with a police raid on the Diaz Schools, the site of the Media Center and the dormitory of the Forum, during the night of July 21-22.
Bella Ciao is also the testimony of the difficult birth of an international movement that, from Porto Alegre to Genoa, has attempted to delineate its physionomy and unite numerous different interests, often with inevitable contradictions.
The days of Genoa marked the return of the "pri­vate eye ", of the lenses of independant cameramen, photographers and filmmakers, which multiplied the images of the events to the extent that the G8 be­came an event in the history of communication.