Ziré Nouré Mâh Under the Moonlight

by Reza Mir-Karimi

2001 Selection

IRAN 2001 1h36

Feature Film

A young rural iranian, Seyyed Hassan, studying in coranic school is about to be a Mollah. While every student is getting prepared for the ceremony, Seyyed notes he hasn't bought the dress suits. On the way back from the shop, Seyyed's clothes are stolen by a young boy. Seyyed has identified him and is going to do his best to find him. But his search is not only going to lead him to the thief. The future Mollah discovers a whole side of the society he never imagined, regrouping the rejected people among which a writer, a musician, a prostitute, living in a sort of shantytown, located under the pillars of an expressway crossing the megalopolis. This is enough to perturb the theologian student. Seyyed becomes friend with those under-privileged, from the young thief to the prostitute, and tries to help them. For him, nothing is going to be same.