Le Pornographe

by Bertrand Bonello

2001 Selection

FRANCE / CANADA 2001 1h48

Feature Film

Jacques Laurent, a famous pornographer back in the 70's, resumes shooting porn movies due to his financial situation. He starts again with the idea of marrying a love act with a pornographic one. His attempts fail but Jacques will continue to shoot as he does not have any other skills.
Having greater and greater difficulties to take upon himself his "trade" towards his wife and his environment, he will slowly isolate himself from the rest of the world.
Joseph, his 17-year old son, shares his life between a nascent love story and a group of friends of his age with whom he thinks over the organisation of a new and achievable revolution.
He decides to resume his relationship with his father, whom he has not seen over the last three years, since he had discovered that he was a pornographer and not a movie-maker as he initially believed.
We follow the journey of a father and a son at an important time in their respective lives. Jacques is wondering how to finish his life whilst Joseph is looking to give a direction to his.