by Adrián Caetano

2001 Selection

ARGENTINA 2001 1h15

Feature Film

Freddy has left in Bolivia what he loved the most, his family. He has come to Buenos Aires to find a good job and a roof under which he could bring them to live. But this city is not as friendly as it was long time ago. There is no place for dreams in this Buenos Aires that has left its rich and generous past behind.
Freddy takes a job as a cooker in a cheap bar for the food and 15 pesos a day, 5 of which be spends everyday to call his family in La Paz.
He shares his working time with people that seem to be outsiders in their own land. His boss, who doesn't seem to care if he is from Bolivia, Perú or « another central American country». A street salesman from Cordoba, a province away from the city, who is discriminated for being gay. A taxi driver who thinks that the reason for his disgrace is the nationality of the people he ows money to. And Rosa, a girl from Paraguay works as a waitress.
Like all of them Freddy will be just another victim.