Almost Blue

by Alex Infascelli

2001 Selection

ITALY 2001 1h25

Feature Film

Simon is a young man, he lives in Bologna and he's blind. His world is his attic from which he is able to "see" everything. Because Simon is a computer genius and, as he scans the ether he "travels" in search of sounds, conversations, music, anything that will help him to sooth his uncontrollable need to "observe", or rather to "spy". His particular characteristic lies in associating every voice to a color, or rather to the more or less pleasant feeling that the name of a color conveys to him : Blue like a harmonious musical chord, Red like the fever that obsesses him, Green, tike the scream of folly.
There's another young man who lives in Bologna: Alessio. Alessio too spends his time spying, but he does it in a different manner: he contacts young people and, once he's eliminated the original, he takes on the identity of his victim and becomes a perfect copy. It's his only way to survive, and observe the world, through their eyes.
Grazia Negro, young inspector arrives from Rome with her boss, Vittorio Poletto, to investigate on a mysterious series of murders committed in recent years and all with an element in common: all victims are young students and all were found naked and stripped of all personal belongings.