Hidden Whisper

by Vivian Chang

2000 Selection

TAIWAN 2000 1h38

Feature Film

She's five. She lives in her fantasy. Reality is too hard for her to understand and she weaves her figments of imaginations to escape the harsh of edge daily life, namely, her belligerent parents. Her father is a member of beggars gang on the street He specializes nothing but drinking and gambling and beating his sultry wife.
She's a rebellious 16 and desires a change. She lives with her mother, or rather, they live together but in their separate worlds. She feels lonely and desperately wants to escape the reality. And her escapism in nothing but to steal ID cards and fancies to be somebody else.
She is a woman of 30 with a secret that nobody can share. She does have anyone to confide the secret to. As long as she lives, she's been running, from her all too nosy mom to various boyfriends. But mom is dying. Their relationship turns from sarcastic quarrels, to verbal violence, to dead silence.