by Cesc Gay

2000 Selection

SPAIN 2000 1h30

Feature Film

Spain, Summer of 1999. Dani, a teenager, spends his hollidays in a little village on the Mediterranean coast. His parents go on a trip to Egypt and leave him alone with Nico, his school mate and best friend, who will keep him company for ten days.
Dany is hand in glove with Nico and both will make the most of their freedom by pluging into the warm and uninhibited atmosphere of the summer resort.
Boys meet girls. Berta chases Dani. Dani has a crush on Nico. Nico likes Elena. Elena needs Nico to have a go at sex. Nico only wants to have fun but ends up by failing out with everybody.
Dani and Nico together will discover love, sex, drugs, jealousy, betrayal and disappointment. Little by little, their friendship will turn into a deeper, intimate and perhaps inexplicable relationship.