Good Housekeeping

by Frank Novak

2000 Selection


Feature Film

Don and Donatella still live together pending their divorce being final Don is unemployed, parties everyday, and trades toy action figures with his friends.
After a spat with Donatella, his forklift driving wife, Don builds a wall down the middle of the house to divide his "world" from hers. To make matters worse, Don invites everyone he knows over for a three kegger sending Donatella over the brink. As Don and his buddies party, Donatella and Don begin another barrage of accusations and insults.
Infuriated, Don and his buddies go out and crash Donatella's car. Feeling helpless and powerless in the matter, and with no real support from the police or her politically correct lover Marion, she takes matter into her own hands and crashe Don's car.
Marion convinces Donatella that she needs to get out. They go to look for an other house. But Don thinks she is probably preparing an ambush. Don's buddy Joe is giving him a rocket launcher to protect him. By accident, it will blow up Donatella's car. This time when the police arrive, Donatella becomes hysterical and the cops arrest her.
With Donatella gone, everyone celebrates.
Later, Don feel remorseful and lonely without her, kicks all his friends, out, and has a nervous breakdown.