Belo Odelo | Le Costume blanc

by Lazar Ristovski

1999 Selection

YUGOSLAVIA 1999 1h32

Feature Film

Savo, a sergeant major in the Army is told by a telegram sent by his twin brother that his mother has died and that he must bring the white suit he bought him.
From the garrison in the mountain district, Savo starts on a trip by train, still drawn by a steam locomotive. In one of the stations in some God-forsaken village, the local bar hosts a beauty from Russia: Carmen a blonde prostitute. He falls in love at first sight, fatally and passionately. All the brothel is forced to move on to the train. Each of the whores manages to find a partner. Only Carmen has two. Her pimp and Savo. The pimp is madly in love with Carmen. He threatens to kill Savo. Savo is also armed.
The little train drawn by the steam locomotive, runs down the tracks in a moonlight night, resembling a Noah's Arc. There are two of each kind of people on board. Male and female. Priest and drunkards. Cattle monger with a cow and his son. A sleeping engineer and his locomotive. Two soldiers...