Torrente, el brazo tonto de la ley

by Santiago Segura

1998 Selection

SPAIN 1998 1h37

Feature Film

Torrente is an irresistible comedy about Spanish macho. He's an ex-cop, a drunk, a chauvinist and a devoted supporter of the legendary soccer team "Atletico de Madrid". He's a one man patrol in his dis­trict behaving as badly as the delinquents he is supposed to catch. When he discovers that a Chinese gang uses his very oven territory to deal drugs and to launder money, he takes upon himself to clean the area. When his father dies after eating a drugged spring-roll and his downstairs neighbour is kidnap­ped by the gang, he hires a fistful of weird teenagers to do the dirty job even if he'll be the one who, at the end, will benefit from all the glory, get his girlfriend back and disappear with the money...