Postel The Bed / Le Lit

by Oskar Reif

1998 Selection


Feature Film

We met Lubosh Urna while he's on his death bed. He's a forty years old teacher, married with two children. Why is he our hero? Because he's a particularly representative sample of male conditions at the end of the Twentieth century, says the author of the script. He was conceived in a bed, dies in a bed and he spent a large portion of his life in a bed, meditating, lost between memories and fantasies. His obsessions? Women. During his whole life, Lubosh has been surrounded by women. A woman gave him birth. He grew up among women. He married a woman who gave him two daughters and now, women are present during his last moments. Men were only shadows in his life with big months and small actions starting with his father who left when he was just a baby. So how these women could stop being castratration queens even if he loves them or worse because he loves them ? And what if the twenty-first century was going to be ruled by women ? Of course, the answer is too complex to be held in this synop­sis. There are much too many fears and desires involved...