Chuen Hua Mon Lu / A Drifting Life

by Cheng-sheng Lin

1996 Selection

TAIWAN 1996 2h03

Feature Film

A Drifting life is the story of three generations of a family stretching over a decade. After his wife dies while giving birth to their second child, Kuncheng leaves his two children, older daughter and newborn child, with his parents to seek work in the town. As time passes, his children grow up day-by-day and Kuncheng has a new lover named Ah Yun. Meanwhile, his parents continue to care for his children, until the fateful day when his mother has a stoke. Afterwards, Kuncheng's daughter drops out of school to help grandma and the family. Kuncheng lives two separate lives. We also move between his new relationship and his family, between a roothers malaise and an existence firmly grounded in tradition and the earth itself.
One day, Kuncheng finally returns home with his new lover. Standing under the shelter of the train station waiting for the rain to stop and thinking about how to face his family again after having aban­doned them for so many years.