El Dirigible

by Pablo Dotta

1994 Selection

URUGUAY 1994 1h27

Feature Film

Baltasar Brum, ex-president of Uruguay, comitted suicide in front of many photographers, but there is no image of the precise moment he shot himself.
Juan Carlos Onetti, the well known uruguayan writer, returns to Montevideo after many years of self­-exile in Madrid, but no one can prove it. A young woman pretending to be french, claims to have intervie­wed the writer on his incognito arrival, but her proof of the interview has been stolen.
Because of these missing images and the theft of the interview, several misunderstandings take place, with as leading characters the charming “french” girl, a translator, his friend the veterinarian, a cop and a juvenile delincuent, who is the main suspect, of the theft.
Meanwhile, inside a taxi, the same girl records on video the sites where the action of the film takes place. This journey is revealed through the confession of her false identity and of the real motive of her trip to Montevideo.