by Kevin Smith

1994 Selection


Feature Film

Clerks checks out the lives, loves, ambitions and eccentricities of two cash register jockeys at a New Jersey convenience store.
Dante Hicks was supposed to sleep late, play hockey, enjoy himself. Instead, he's pelted with cigarettes by angry customers, shocked by sexual revelations from devoted girlfriend Veronica, and devastated by the wedding announcement of the high school ex he can't forget, Caitlin.
And then there's Randal, Dante’s reckless counterpart at the adjoining video store, who wantonly insults customers and scoms the idea that his job should influence his behavior. When they sneak out to attend a wake, Randal shames Dante and outrages the mourners by tipping over the casket.
“What kind of convenience store do you run here?”, a coroner demands as she collects data on a customer's embarrassing demise. Dante doesn't have a reply. But he just, might take tomorrow off.