Requiem pour un beau sans cœur

by Robert Morin

1993 Selection

CANADA 1993 1h32

Feature Film

Eight people remember, each according to his nature, the events of the last three days in the life of Régis Savoie, a notorious gangster sentenced to 25 years incarceration...
The story begins in jail. Mathieu, Savoie's young son, visits the father who he hasn't seen in five years; and witnesses his escape.
Always daring and flamboyant, Savoie resolves to savour his new-found freedom to the fullest with characteristic - and careless - disregard for his own safety... and despite a full fledged police investigation on his tail.
He renews his ties with his family, his girlfriend, his friends; and his many contacts in the press and the legal system - all people who would be better served seeing him safely back behind bars.
Someone must turn him over to the police. Question is... who?