by Asdis Thoroddsen

1992 Selection

ICELAND 1992 1h38

Feature Film

A fishing boat, Matthildur, cornes to the small town where the 18 years old Ingaló lives with their parents and young brother. A brawl breaks out between the townspeople and the crew from Matthildur. As a consequence Ingaló leaves home. Later she and her brother are taken on as a cook and a deckhand on Matthildur. Ingaló is hardened after years on sea with her father but her brother is not cut out for the rough life at sea. Ingaló is torn between her protective feelings for her brother and her growing love for Skúli. Matthildur’s steward. Skúli, on the other hand, fancies the new beauty queen in Matthildur’s home town. A party in the seasonal workers quarters turns into a riot. Shortly afterwards Matthildur sets off on its final fateful voyage.