by Pablo Perelman

1992 Selection

CHILE 1992 1h25

Feature Film

The architect is running away towards the remote archipelago. He has just escaped from a police raid
as he was part of a clandestine meeting.
However, the architect does not feel safe. Signs of danger are increasing around him. Mistrust settles. The church he has to restore is itself full of disturbing symptoms. In his imagination, the architect takes himself for the missionary who built the church back in the old time. He is mentaly in communication with Indians who have the faces of the women he met at the clandestine meeting.
The missionary-architect suffers from the indifference and the rejection of the Indians until they are attacked by a spanish soldiers troop. At this moment, they are all turning to him for protection. The confusion between present, remote past and the recollection of the police raid, unmasks a traumatic growing violence.
At this point, we understand the architect did not escape from the police raid. Wounded by a bullet, he is dashed at the back of a van, surrounded by corpses.