Adorables mentiras | Adorables mensonges

by Gerardo Chijona

1992 Selection

CUBA 1992 1h48

Feature Film

Jorge Luis is young, married and unemployed. He dreams of becoming a screenwriter and film director. During a film premiere one evening, he meets beautiful Sissy. That night he is at his best since just before, the director of the opening film has asked him to work on a story for him. In order to impress Sissy, whose husband is travelling, Jorge Luis introduces himself as a film director looking for a non-professional actress. Sissy, who has dreamed all her life of being “discovered" is lively interested but pretends otherwise with the aim of finally “trapping” the young man. Her friend Nancy, a crazy woman in a permanent crisis of moral values, tormented because she awakens only sexual interest in men, is her best adviser. This is the beginning of a relationship where both Jorge Luis and Sissy fall in love with the ghosts they have created in order to escape from the plain and grey life they live.