Young Soul Rebels

by Isaac Julien

1991 Selection


Feature Film

It is the week of the Queen's Silver Jubilee. TJ has been murdered; the only clue to his killer is a beatbox left lying in the undergrowth. Two friends of TJ, Chris and Caz, are great buddies, disc jockeys running a pirate black radio station, from a secret venue at the back of black radio station. The news of TJ's death stuns them. Chris goes to commercial Metro Radio looking for work and he meets Tracy, a pro­duction assistant. He asks her to be his guest that night at a basement club, The Crypt. The Crypt is packed as the soul boys challenge the punks. Caz registers his disapproval of Chris's approaches to Tracy because he feels he is deflecting : he wants total commitment to their radio; there can be no compromise...