Trumpet Number 7

by Adrian Velicescu

1991 Selection


Feature Film

Ezzie is a trumpet player whose music seems all used up. His group, the Dark Angels, has broken up and drifted away following the death of Horacio, Ezzie's friend and mentor. Horacio's death is a mystery. Was it an accident, or did he decide to depart from this world to attain another ?
Now Ezzie rarely leaves the apartment belonging to his girlfriend, Cinder. The noises of the city and of everyday life are increasingly painful to him. He has sealed the apartment to all sound and light, transforming it into a shrine to his musical past.
Ezzie makes a last effort to recommence his life. But his music has gone out of fashion. When he returns to the club he is treated like a relic. Styles have changed, and he cannot adapt. When he puts the trumpet to his lips only bitter, ugly notes come out. The music is fled.