Sam and Me

by Deepa Mehta

1991 Selection

CANADA 1991 1h32

Feature Film

Twenty-three year old East Indian Nikhil begins a new life in a new country under the guidance of his manipulative uncle Chetan. Chetan sets “Nik” up in a boarding house, home to a collection of recent immigrants who spend their free time either playing cricket or fighting with the little boys who use the cricket field for baseball. Chetain makes plans for Nikhil to work with him at a medical supply company. When faced with this new employee, the company pre­sident seizes an opportunity and Nikhil instead finds himself “caretaker” to the president’s father : seventy-five year old Sam “Zeide” Cohen is a Jewish gentleman with an eccentric reputation to uphold. After a shaky start to their off beat relationship, this pair transcend their age and cultu­ral barriers to become good friends. The bond sparkles, but family and peer pressures force a permanent and tragic end to the friendship.