Robert’s Movie / Hasard et destin

by Canan Gerede

1991 Selection

TURKEY 1991 1h45

Feature Film

Robert is a war photographer. He is 49. Within him, around him, only one thing is real : reprieve from death, Istambul. There, he meets Gogo, a young Turkish singer. She is violent and secretive. Together they share a different love story. They love and fight in the heart of the city. Istambul, where the lights are strange, and the sounds astounding. An Istambul where they come across prostitutes and drug-addicts, drug dealers and Dervishes. Tranvestites too.
Robert takes Gogo beyond her limits, beyond her fears. He knows that after he’s gone, he’ll be able to continue living within her. After he’s gone, at the end of all the roads...