Laafi, tout va bien

by S. Pierre Yameogo

1991 Selection

BURKINA FASO 1991 1h36

Feature Film

Throughout one day and one night of flirting and celebrating, of worrying about the future and rejoicing at passing his final exam (baccalauréat), a student awaits his doubt­ ful admission to a university. He wants to be a doctor. All they can do is to register him for a secretarial course.
Laafi is an urban chronicle. A film-maker born in the countryside takes a look at the Big City threatening him. A tough but warm place, an African city, still not too consu­med with the frenzy of the western world. Ouagadougou probably still is the most African of African capitals, with its pink dust and the people's good humor. Yet it is already a big metropolis, urban, and as blown up as Africa.