The Reflecting Skin | L’Enfant miroir

by Philip Ridley

1990 Selection


Feature Film

An American small town lostamid wheatkields, in the Fifties. Fascinated by sex and death, young Set Dove, 7, thinks that Dolphin Blue his neightour (a lonely widow who lives withdrawn on her memories) is a vampire. Blinded by this conviction, he persecutes her and does not understand that the danger comes from elsewhere.
Eben’s body who is Eseth’s friend is discovered in a well. Suspected of murder by the police because of an old murky story which still haunts him, Seth’s father, unable to defend himself, sacrifies himself with the gasoline of his own service station, before his son’s very eyes. Following this tragedy, Cameron, Seth’s older brother, who fought in the Pacific, comes back to live on the family farm. He immediately falls in love with Dolphin Blue. Fearing for his brother’s life, Seth desperately tries to break up this relationship. He will understand his mistake too late.