Cas Sluhu | Le Temps des larbins

by Irena Pavlaskova

1990 Selection


Feature Film

A film about a young woman whose egoism progressively destroys people around her and, finally, herself. Two students at the faculty of medecine, Dana and Lenka, are rather different. Whereas Lenka is full of temperament and self-confident, Dana seems to be the opposite. That is perhaps the reason why her boyfriend Marek has left Dana. She is very unhappy because of this and bothers Lenka first and the latter’s boyfriend Milan with her grief. She event asks Milan to marry her, arguing that this would allow her to revenge herself on Marek. Her hysterical and absurd demand puts her friends out of countenance: they do not want to harm her, and she blackmails them through appealing to their feelings. At first, life continues as before, but Dana, ready to do everything, really wins Milan as a result of her intrigues. After their wedding, this initially weepy and timid girl changes into a self-confident, charming woman, besides being well off. Gradually, she comes to exhibit her real character: to begin with, she chases Milan’s parents from the flat, takes his way up into her own hands and, moreover, is revenging herself on him for her previous humiliation when she begged him to marry her. The submissive Milan in suffering, but a decision is forming in his mind. However, Dana does not intend to lose any part of what she has gained. It seems that she will succeed in everything again.