Beyond the Ocean

by Ben Gazzara

1990 Selection

ITALY 1990 1h33

Feature Film

John Tana (Ben Gazzara), captain of computer systems, has power, money, prestige. On his way back to New York after a business trip, he branches off into the airport and finds himself in Indonesia. In his hotel room, he switches his camera on and examines himself. «Well, John, what have you done with your life ?» At the other end of the swimming pool a very beautiful young woman appears, Marissa (Rebecca Glenn) who is also at odds with civilization. John puts a sarong on, sinks into the beautiful and sticky landscape and runs after Marissa. He is harassed from New York. His wife (Jill Clayburgh) is coming to bring him back. His younger brother Eric (Peter Reigert) implores him to come home. Both go back empty- handed. John still is seeking the impossible, both fascinated by the ritual in Bali and by the enigma which is Marissa. What is there at the end of his journey ? Is it death ? The prayer to the goddess Kali-Marissa murmurs to his ear «Take me beyond the ocean of illusions» or is it not rather «Beyond the ocean of illusion ?»