Yun no machi / La Ville de Yun

by U-Sun Kim

1989 Selection

JAPAN 1989 1h30

Feature Film

Yun is a 15-year-old Japanese-born Korean. She lives with her parents, also born in Japan, and her grandmother, who came from Korea fifty years ago.
One day, she meets Yûji, a Japanese boy who has had several different small jobs after giving up his studies. They fall in love, but are continually confronted with the harshness of Japanese society towards their love. The conflict that exists within many Koreans whether to use their Korean name or their more socially acceptable Japanese name is a shock to Yûji. “I was fully unaware of the Koreans' status in Japan,” he admits. “If you really love me, will you dare become a Korean?” Yûji cannot answer Yun's question. In spite of all their difficulties, the two young people try to overcome the obstacles created by the unfortunate history of two countries.