1989 Selection

TUNISIA 1989 1h38

Feature Film

Because she hasn’t heard from her male companion Seif, a Palestinian soldier who disappeared in Beirut, Houria, a flight attendant for an Arab company, goes to Tunisia to look for Khalil, a war photographer who is the last person to have met Seif... Houria falls into a real trap : Khalil and his brother Qouraich, a wealthy landowner, have taken refuge in an old abandoned basilica where they have barricaded themselves along with their cousin Arbia, who was abducted by Qouraich in order to get control of some land that she inherited.
Houria is forced to take refuge with the besieged. Courted by Mannoubi, a groom who wants her to run away with him, hated by Arbia who accuses her of having bewitched her lover Qouraich, Houria rouses an old and impossible passion in Khalil, who finally confesses that Seif was murdered. Houria refuses to believe him, says she is pregnant and wants to leave the basilica. She will lead the small community into a whirlwind of violence, from which she will be the only one to escape.