To dendro pou pligoname The Tree we Hurt | L’Arbre qu’on blesse

by Dimos Avdeliodis

1987 Selection

GREECE 1987 1h15

Feature Film

A village on the Island of Chio during the sixties. It's sum­mertime. Two children, after a misunderstanding on the last day of school, renew their friendship during the holi­days which they pass with their comrades in the village. Besides helping their parents a little and making some pocket money in various ways. They also play and do silly things as children of their age are inclined to do. They use catapults to try to slay birds, steal fruit and then eat too much, track down bees with a very special technique, free birds trapped by a hunter. On Sunday they go to the seaside with their parents and look on with wander at the arrival of little Angelica. The holidays come to an end. The hero is broken-hearted at the departure o f Angelica. They all return to school.