Pisma Miortvovo Tcheloveka | Les Lettres d'un homme mort

by Constantin Lopouchanski

1987 Selection

U.S.S.R 1987 1h26

Feature Film

Several people, in a delapidated basement read while acti­vating a dynamo which will give light.
One o f them, a Nobel Prize winner for Science is writing to his son Eric from whom he was separated at the time of the atomic explosion which blocked off the people in the museum where they now are. He is also taking care o f his sick wife. He has gone into the town to look in vain for his son and while there discovers the horrors of war. Outside, buildings are devastated, bodies are strewn everywhere.
In the basement, six men ask themselves questions on the meaning of life and the eventual future of humanity. The explosion was an accident and the person responsi­ ble hung himselfsoon afterwards. There is no indication whatsover o f the country in which the action takes place.
Due to lack of space, it is necessary to sort out who will have access to the main shelter. When the survivors at last leave the museum for this shelter which is safer, the old scientist decides to remain with the children who have been seriously affected by the disaster.
On Christmas evening they set up a Christmas tree. The old man dies. The children abandoned by all leave the shelter to cross vast icy plains, looking for what we do not know.