Où que tu sois

by Alain Bergala

1987 Selection

FRANCE 1987 1h35

Feature Film

Emmanuel, an architect with a passion for Italian pain­ ting, discovers by chance that his wife, Irene, is having an affair. He is invited to Italy to do a work on Filippo Lippi. He proposes to Irene that she accompanies him but she refuses. At the time of departure he meets Judith who is frightened by the violence of her boyfriend. Judith wis­hes to leave Paris and Emmanuel takes her with him. After a stop-over in Salernes at Emmanuel’s mother’s house, the couple witness a murder at Imprunetta in Italy. One ofthe assassins, who is young and fair-haired, threa­tens them. They run away and end up in a hotel in Flo­rence.
Emmanuel has soon to go back to Paris : his daughter Anne has run away, but she arrives in Florence where she and Judith meet. While the two women are at San Marco, admiring one of Fra Angelico’s frescoes The Announciation the fair-haired murderer approaches them. Returning quickly to the hotel they find Emmanuel who deci­des they should hide at Salernes.
Judith however has to go back to Paris to act as witness in favour of her ex-boyfriend who has been arrested. Anne wishes to go with her.
Irene who has discovered their whereabouts arrives in Salernes. Emmanuel declares his love for Judith. On their way back, the father, mother and daughter catch sight of a motor cycle accident : the two victims are Judith ant the fair-haired assassin.