Faubourg Saint-Martin

by Jean-Claude Guiguet

1986 Selection

FRANCE 1986 1h30

Feature Film

Imagine a luxury hotel in 10th arrondissement run by a very distinguished lady who lives in style... and has a strong personality. This lady, Mrs Coppercage (Patachou) welcomes among the well-off touring visitors in Paris, three women to whom she lets three separate room on a monthly basis. Each of them has her own experience of life, they try to live as welt as they can without ignoring what the world - and above all men - expect from them.
The first one, the Marquess (Françoise Fabian) has a ten year old son and her behaviour is influenced by an understanding of people and situations. She's like a meteor almost intact coming out from a black and grim existence. She beams even in adverse situations.
The second one Suzanne (Ingrid Bourgoin) hopes she'll become one day a great singer. She tries hard in that prospect, but conceals behind her apparent strenght an undefined foreboding : what if her capacities didn't come up to her ambition, let alone her dream ?
Marie (Marie-Christine Rousseau) the youngest and the most fragile among the three of them has had a hard time. She must have injured the worst without ever complaining. She prepares to live for the better and still wants to believe in the love she feels for Paul.