Devil in the Flesh | Le Diable au Corps

by Scott Murray

1986 Selection

AUSTRALIA 1986 1h43

Feature Film

An australian village during world war II where the only remaining males are highschool students and elderly people. Paul Hansen, seventeen, pays a visit to a french couple who have been living in Australia for many years, where they have a vineyard. He meets Marthe, 23, who is the daugh­ter of the french couple and the wife of an Italian man in prison since the biginning of the war.
Paul and Marthe share a lot of common interests particularly for french literature and art. Paul is also attracted by Marthe's beauty, but she treats Paul as a young brother.
A few weeks later, Paul comes across Martha and invites her for lunch. She refuses and finally accepts. Time passes. One day, while they are lying by the hearth - it’s wintertime - thinking that she’s asleep, Paul stealthily kisses Marthe. She reacts passionately.