by Jorge Blanco

1984 Selection


Feature Film

On the day Great Britain sent its fleet to punish the “Argies” in the southern part of the globe, Sandra was performing her striptease act in a typically deserted pub.
Here she saw Pablo for the first time. That same evening, he followed her and tried to rape her.
Pablo, an exiled Argentine, considered it his right to take by force anyone or anything to be found on enemy soil. His was a one-man war against England.
But his belligerent crusade began in a fiasco - Sandra had nothing against rape, so long as it took place in her bed.
Sandra and Paolo lived together during the 25 days of the Falkland Islands war.
While Argentina was losing its islands, Sandra followed her manfaithfully in his absurd combat, successively losing her room, her friends and her job.
Pablo, the Argie was nothing but a tale-spinner and his war maybe only a tango danced in London in the summer of 1982.
But he had made Sandra understand that if Argentina lost its war, it was only in order to gain its freedom.