Czule miejsca Tender Spots / Des endroits sensibles

by Piotr Andrejew

1982 Selection

POLAND 1982 1h30

Feature Film

A tragicomedy. A love story of a boy and a girl, which also is an original forecast of our future. The year is 1998 - an ecological crisis - a complete lack of gasoline, clean water and pure air. Jan Zaleski is a TV-set repairman making his daily rounds. His babe - Eve - is a dancer dreaming of stardom. Her purpose is to appear on television. Jan is over head and ears in love with her, although his woman clients are out to seduce him. Will Eve walk out on Jan to mate with a handsome influential rival who may help her make a career ? How will Jan overcome the adversities ?
The film ends in a New Year's Eve party marking the onset of 1999. On that night, Jan sets out to clear all obstacles.