Les Servantes du bon dieu

by Diane Létourneau

1979 Selection


Feature Film

Les servantes du bon dieu (The Hand Maidens of God) describes daily life in a community of nuns in Quebec. These nuns (Les Petites Soeurs de la Sainte-Famille / The Little Sisters of The Holy Family) are neither teachers nor nurses ; they are domestic servants, trained to serve priests all their life. And they continue to perform these duties with humility, resignation and joy, as if the socio-cultural upheavals of the last two decades had not touched them at all.
With Les servantes du bon dieu the director, Diane Létourneau, gives us a moving and realistic portrait of these women who tell us their story without reserve. Their profound faith and subtle humor make this 90-minute documentary a unique tribute to a group of women who may be among the last of their kind.