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Serge Perathoner Composer, Chairman of the Sacem Board of Directors 

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Because we listen to a film as much as we watch it, music is essential to the creative process. It significantly contributes to the identity of a work, to the narration of the story; it intensifies emotions, and sets up rhythm and atmosphere. In compliance with the French Intellectual Property Code, the music composer is considered the third author of any cinematographic work, along with the director and the screenwriter. 

Sacem has been committed for 172 years to representing creators in the music industry as well as audiovisual and cinema artists: composers of film scores, author-directors, dubbing and subtitling authors. Our authors' society is committed to supporting and promoting the creation of original music, by guiding the development of artistic careers and creative projects, and by encouraging the emergence and professional integration of young talent. 

Sacem is a partner of the world’s leading cinema festivals, and proud to pay tribute to the composers of film music. We are providing the opportunity to meet with composers to discuss their work, careers and collaboration with film directors.

We wish you all a wonderful festival! 

Serge Perathoner

Chairman of the Sacem Board of Directors | Sacem

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They support us