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Bonding across cultures through film criticism 

by Anne Tallineau and Tobias Bütow General Secretaries

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For the last 60 years, the FGYO (French-German Youth Organisation) has been working relentlessly to foster cultural ties between French and German youths, as part of a wider Europe. To this day, 9.5 million young people have taken part in a wide range of exchange programmes that have evolved along with young people’s interests, whether it be through school exchange programmes, internships abroad, or cultural programmes such as the film criticism workshops organised during La Semaine de la Critique! 

These cultural events have a very specific impact in that they broaden one’s horizons and transcend borders. That is why FGYO has such a long history with film literacy. Since 2005, we’ve been working with La Semaine de la Critique to train young people from all walks of life in film criticism. From the 21st to 26th of May, 20 young people from all over France and Germany (South Western France, Versailles, Saarland and Thuringia) will have the opportunity to discover new cultures through lively discussions, education workshops and sharing their perspectives on films. 

Not only do these film literacy workshops allow them to discover cinematic works, they are also an opportunity for young people to sharpen their critical thinking skills and make up their own minds so they may debate openly on the geopolitical, social and environmental challenges of a world that they will soon lead.  

Anne Tallineau and Tobias Bütow
General Secretaries | OFAJ
© Thibaut Chapotot

They support us