Love Letter

by Clément Cogitore

"Having The Wakhan Front selected at La Semaine de la Critique was such a joy after the difficult, intense, challenging, sometimes trying journey that was the making of the film. I was told we had been selected - and it was to be kept secret - when the film was still being edited and I didn’t know what to think about it, I was utterly incapable of getting any kind of perspective. And being selected gave me confidence that it would have an intense life, that it would get good support, people would want I and take good care of it before its release. I barely had time to finish audio mixing and I arrived in Cannes exhausted and happy: finally, the film was finished, and my daughter had been born 3 months previously. The festival was like a daydream, made of a succession of screenings, interviews and baby bottles. 

Many, many thanks to the team of La Semaine de la Critique for showing by first film for the first time and a wonderful 60th anniversary!"