From Pauline to Anaïs

"Anaïs could be Pauline’s cousin. She’s a young woman who follows her impulses. She’s constantly on the move, that’s how she deals with life’s difficult moments: if she doesn’t stop she won’t fall. I like how lively, how utterly present she is. She’s got an indomitable quality that resembles that of Catherine Deneuve’s character in Jean-Paul Rappeneau’s Lovers Like Us. Like Catherine Deneuve (and Katherine Hepburn), Anaïs Demoustier has the capacity to deliver their lines with breathtaking speed and an innate sense of rhythm. » 

Anaïs is 30

"When we’re thirty-something, it’s time to make all our major decisions: What job? What love life; married or not? With or without kids? When you’re a woman, you’ve got ten years to build everything at the same time, which is slightly nerve-racking… As far as I’m concerned, it all boils down to that question: what do you want? Find out what you want and follow it. That’s what my film is all about. »


"A lot of the film takes place in natural settings: the countryside, by the sea. These landscapes, drenched in the summer light, convey sensuality and, for me, the beginning of blooming lust. For the mise-en-scène, I drew inspiration from Eric Gautier’s photography in the films he worked on with Arnaud Desplechin, Olivier Assayas and Patrice Chéreau: energy, speed, movement and very choreographed sequence-shots."


"I love films that combine light and serious moments, comedy and drama. The challenge is to make people laugh with a character that is excessive at times, and to tell a story of love and desire conveying the deepest emotions involved."