About Noir-soleil

by Marie-Pauline Mollaret

This oxymoron in the title sums up the spirit of a film playing on contrasts and in which everything seems fleeting, from the elliptical narration to the stripped-down animation. Movements, dialogues, emotions: everything is restrained, pending almost. The asynchronous pace of the story echoes the silent, spasmodic relationship between the protagonist, walled in his memories, and the young woman looking for a place to fit in a story that isn’t quite hers. Marie Larrivée plays with a limited chromatic palette and the gaps in the story to draw attention to the tangible atmosphere of the city and the grand presence of the volcano, which truly grounds this intimate quest. The complex combination of impressions that stems from that moment reflects, in turn, the melancholy of missed opportunities, the indelible mark of absence and the precious pain of a shared moment. 

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Short Film

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