About Myomano shel tzalam hatonot (From the Diary of a Wedding Photographer)

Interview by Charles Tesson

With this beautiful, solar movie, Nadav Lapid bewilders on an unexpected ground, that of Buñuel (the wedding ceremony is an erotic stimulus, a liberator of impulses), by inviting the camera as the third element of the love couple.

“During my cinema studies, I filmed 300 weddings in three years. It was a strong experience, full of emotions and monotonous rituals. And then, how can one not feel jealous of the happiness coming so clear and neat on the screen. Without any mediation. Without circumspection or shades. Marriages are the celebration of love between the newly weds, and the celebration of the photographer’s love for the bride. A secret and banned love (she marries another), but also authorized and desired (people want the bride to be the most beautiful woman in the world).”