61st edition | From 18 to 26 may 2022

About En Moi

By Charles Tesson

What does it mean for an actress to give herself? First of all to her character, then to the camera and the director who has a grip on her. Even more complicated when the director is infatuated with her. What does he see when his eyes die off and his desire vanishes, perceiving her as a stranger to his world, disconnecting intimacy from the professional? Surprising, ambitious, off the beaten track and carried by the wonderful Ivan Attal, En Moi is a dizzying plunge at the core of the intimate relation between a director and his actress, source of uneasiness and misunderstanding. What is to be seen and lived, from the skin cover to the nakedness of being, has nothing to do with what the other sees of you and in you.

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En moi


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