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A dress of panache for la Semaine

by Delphine Gleize Film administrator at SACD

They support us

The poster for the 2023 edition of La Semaine de la Critique shows an embrace, taken by  Sarah Makharine from Charlotte Wells’ wonderful Aftersun. With this gesture, Frankie Corio and Paul Mascal convey both confidence in leaving and the promise of a return. What an achievement. Why? Because it is the very thing that has been driving La Semaine de la Critique’s endeavour for the last 62 years, for a thousand years. Upon making his first or second film, artists lend their ears to what festivals whisper to them. That very beat will echo in them forever.

I was always very impressed and moved by the way La Semaine de la Critique looks after the filmmakers it revealed, nurtured and tries to keep up with them on their wild journey. I know that, once again, fervour and selflessness will guide La Semaine de la Critique as they welcome filmmakers and their teams. Let me tell you that we, at SACD, are looking forward to it. 

Film administrator at SACD 

They support us