by Erwan Le Duc

Next Step 2016


Feature Film

For his eponymous first feature film, Erwan meets Perdrix again, a character from his first short film (Le commissaire Perdrix ne fait pas
le voyage pour rien, 2012). Pierre Perdrix, a shy and awkward police chief lives in a house in the Vosges with his mother Thérèse, his brother Juju and his niece Marion. In this dead-end village, Pierre is bored stiff, until the energetic yet slightly unnerving Juliette Webb comes into his police station, and although it is love at first sight, they both initially tip-toe around each other. A disturbing investigation into the suicide of an old man dressed up as Stalin - (« Although Staline wouldn’t kill himself. He’s not Hitler» says an insightful Juliette) - will lead them both into a crazy adventure through which they will fall in love, in silence. Through a baroque narrative, in which the trivial mixes with the sublime and the banal collides with the poetic, Erwan weaves together an off-beat, burlesque and fantastical comedy.