Ceniza Negra

by Sofía Quirós Ubeda

Next Step 2017

Feature Film

The story of Ceniza Negra is set in a small village in the Caribbean off the coast of Costa Rica. In this village, wedged between river and sea, live 11-year-old Selva, her grandfather Fergusson, her brother Cao and Helena, the grandfather’s girlfriend. As their small house is threatened by the waves, other events such as the departure of her brother and the illness of her grandfather upset Selva’s childhood. So she decides to do all she can to keep her family together.

With Ceniza Negra, Sofia explores once again the themes first broached in Selva, the fear of seeing someone you love leave, of seeing your world change. Selva won’t accept it and puts her trust in mystical forces. As we dive into Selva’s magical world, fantasy starts to bleed into reality and in this strange universe, Sofia hopes to create a visual treasure hunt, made up of lights and shadows, to depict this short-lived moment when childhood gives way to adulthood.