Milwaukee, Minnesota

by Allan Mindel

2003 Selection


Feature Film

Albert is special. He can hear the fish talking under the ice. That's his secret to being a champion fisherman. He's well into his twenties, but Mom still accompanies him to ice fishing tournamentsf where he has won hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money.... When streetsmart Tuey and her hypochondriac teenaged brother Stan drift into Albert's quaint Milwaukee suburbs, they stumb/e on an opportunity to fill their empty pockets. Smooth-talking travelling salesman Jerry James has also just sleezed into town in search of a quick buck. Trusting Albert falls for Tuey's sexy outfits and Jerry's claim of being his real father. Before long, Albert discovers that Tuey is just as conniving as Jerry is dangerous ... Everyone is after wide-eyed Albert's hidden fortune. But everyone has underestimated Albert. He's a lot smarter than everyone thinks. A t (east he knows that Milwaukee isn't in Minnesota.