Entre ciclones

by Enrique Colina

2003 Selection

CUBA 2003 1h55

Feature Film

Toma's house collapses during a cyclon. The day before the typhoon, he was going to obtain a job which was to get him out of his poor position. Tomas is an optimistic and joyfull young man, who is trying to make ends meet. He works for a telephone company. His boss is " el conde ", an old bitter worker who has a pessimistic and cynical view of the world. Because of his need to have a house, Tomas gets into a complicated love relationship with a jealous hairdresser, with a european journalist and with a young rocker. In the midst of his difficulties with his professional and personal life, Tomas' situation comes to the worst when Miguel, his brother, gets him involved in an adventure dealing with crooks, which threatens his future life.