20h17 rue darling

by Bernard Edmond

2003 Selection

CANADA 2003 1h41

Feature Film

Gérard owes his life to an undone shoelace. As a former reporter and Anonymous Alcoholic, he has finally come back to live in Hochelaga, the working-class neighbourhood where he grew up. Through a series of minor mishaps, he comes home one night, just a few minutes after the whole buil­ ding he lives in has exploded. There are six casualties in the fire.The question whichs torment him are the following: why did his neighbours die and not him? Is there any sense to this event? Does life it­self have any meaning? To answer them, Gérard rummages through the victims' past His investiga­ tion leads him from Hochelaga, Outremont and Maniwaki to the seaside at St-Jean-Port-Joli...