Siam Sunset

by John Polson

1999 Selection

AUSTRALIA 1999 1h32

Feature Film

Perry's perfect life creating colors for an English paint company, has become one of constant misfortune. He has a sense - very real as it happens - that he has become a plaything of the universe, the butt of some cruel cosmic joke. Wherever he goes, he attracts dangerous happenings which threaten him and anybody else who is unlucky enough to be nearby.
However, Perry believes that a colour he can "see" in his head might somehow bring about his salvation.
The colour is Siam Sunset. With this in his mind, he travels to Australia and embarks on the world's worst bus tour accross the outback, reinforcing his dread that he is being drawn to a senseless demise. Into his madness walks Grace, a woman as menaced by the world as Perry.
Her problems tough takes a more tangible form, a violent ex-lover who's prepared to pursue her to the end of the earth.
Will Perry and Grace give love a chance and, if they do, will they finally get rid of the stroke of bad luck following them in the australian desert?